Anonymous asked:

Hey, so my computer is quite strange and wasn't letting me ask on your other blog so, well, here I am. (This is in regards to the dating thing, cause you know, we all want to be noticed, I suppose) I am 19, and a female. I'm 5'3 and I have green eyes and blue hair... I love reading, in only a slightly pretentious manner ;), and music is pretty damn cool. I love going to concerts and dyeing my hair to make me feel special *cue sad teenage laugh*

lol another 5’3” girl! Im not much taller at 5’5”. We could dye our hair together!

gettingby-highandfly asked:

Did you ever dye your hair when it was long?

yes, mostly red. it killed it because i knew nothing about how truly damaging those chemicals were. my hair was ruined. split ends, coarse, frizz, everything wrong with hair was because of how poorly i dyed it. which is why i cut it all off, dyed it a million things, and then gave myself a buzzcut to start fresh.

Anonymous asked:

I'm Pakistani, so I have a brownish skin tone....I'm not very dark, kinda pale, but notably brown. I wanna dye my hair a pastel colour but have black hair AND I don't know which colour would suit my skin. So, what colours would you recommend, and how would I temporarily dye black/brown hair without bleach??

if you want pastel hair without bleaching it’s literally impossible. especially if you have black hair. im sorry dude but you honestly literally cannot expect to do anything color-wise to your hair unless you bleach it. 

superamk1 asked:

Well I'm not really crazy about my hair cause it's really thick and gets so curly when it gets longer. I'm envious of people with straight hair so I guess I'd like general tips of what to do with curly hair or how to keep it straight yeah? Also you're a ridiculously attractive person like geez, everyone's beautiful but I think you're super attractive so yeah I'm gonna stop being a nerd so baaaai

hi sorry for the late response. first of all THANKS, secondly i have bad news, i have no advice for you as i had the same hair you do for 20 years and all i wanted was thin straight hair and nothing worked. so i cut it all off. SORRY. try a brazilian blowout, i hear they’re good. just costly.



That’s right, ladies and gents—I’m absolutely thrilled to announce the official launch of my website, CHEZ-PHOTO.COM . On it you’ll find new and old works, and some never-before-seen projects. I’ve worked many, many long hours putting this together, and I do hope you’ll take the time to look through it.

I would not suggest viewing it on mobile, as the site is rather lacking in that department, and I also would not suggest loading it on a slower computer.

Other than that, please, be my guest. And thank you all for your support.